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Revolutionize Your Mobile Automotive Service Experience with Avayler Software

Avayler brings groundbreaking transformation to the management and optimization of mobile automotive service operations, providing a holistic solution that caters to both garages and online platforms.

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Understand Your Customers Better
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Offer Exceptional Service As Standard
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Deliver Beyond Customer Expectation
Why Avayler?

Our software delivers results

Halfords, the UK's premier automotive services business, relies on Avayler to seamlessly manage their extensive B2B and B2C garage and mobile automotive service network. The transformational impact of Avayler is demonstrated in these results:

Savings in Miles Traveled per Job


Increase in Jobs Per Day, Per Route


Profit per Job


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Product Lifecyle
Created to Cater to the Complete Customer Journey

Introducing the Ultimate Customer-Centric Solution

Avayler's cutting-edge Mobile Van Management Software Platform is strategically designed to prioritize customers and enhance your automotive service offering, ensuring their satisfaction at every stage of the customer lifecycle.

End-To-End Management
Avayler simplifies the management of customers and technicians, providing a single solution that seamlessly supports every aspect of your service offering. Say goodbye to the hassle of multiple solutions and embrace a streamlined approach to customer and technician management throughout the entire lifecycle.
Simple but Complete

Avayler Mobile Van Software Features

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Customer Management

Easily capture customer data and vehicle history, view comprehensive job histories, and customize marketing preferences, all while ensuring privacy law compliance.

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Order Management

Effortlessly create and manage customer orders, handle complex stock orders for multiple service locations, and receive online orders through eCommerce, all marked with a specific source for seamless operation.

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Efficiently generate scheduling slots for mobile routes, optimize technicians' schedules based on skillsets, availability, location, and product mix, automatically schedule jobs from your website based on customer-selected slots, and readily accommodate walk-in or phone enquiries.

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Parts Management

Seamlessly integrate with selected parts providers, order parts electronically from job cards, create jobs and estimates efficiently, view real-time stock levels, track stock lifecycle, and maintain accurate records of parts costs per job.

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Service Slot Pricing

Enable priced service time slots on your eCommerce website and create custom business rules to dynamically drive slot pricing, based on factors such as demand and availability.

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Technician App

Establish workflows for task-level job completion records, conduct quick, detailed inspections with color-coded statuses, notes, and pictures, maintain compliance with a full audit trail, and capture job times to optimize future bookings.

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Customer App

Empower customers with a customizable 'Customer App' to view their orders, job history, and track their ongoing orders with real-time updates. Minimize the need for customer support calls by equipping customers with all the essential information right at their fingertips.

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Access platform data for use in data visualization tools, identify and record additional work opportunities beyond workflows, and gain a holistic view of your mobile operations with Operational Reporting Dashboards

Celebrating Customer Success

TirePros Selects Avayler Mobile

TirePros, a U.S. nationwide automotive franchise, recognized the need for a cutting-edge mobile software solution to meet evolving consumer demands. After an extensive search, they partnered with Avayler, a leading automotive mobile software vendor. So, why Avayler?

1. Avayler's forward-thinking approach in the digital realm perfectly aligned with TirePros' vision for the future.

2. The seamless integration capabilities with TirePro's POS and eCommerce system were a crucial factor in the decision-making process.

3. Avayler's proven track record of success in the industry reassured TirePros that they were making the right choice.

By selecting Avayler, TirePros has positioned itself to meet the evolving needs of its customers while staying ahead of the competition in the digital age.

Leading Automotive Services Businesses Select Avayler Mobile & Mobile Pro

Our customers have selected Avayler Mobile Van Software to help them reach new demographics, efficiently and cost effectively provide mobile services to their customers, and give them a competitive edge.

ATU offers mobile services in Germany using Avayler Mobile
Tirebuyer uses Avayler Mobile to propel mobile services
TirePros franchises use Avayler Mobile
ATD selects Avayler Mobile for mobile automotive servicing
Halfords Mobile Expert is run on Avayler Mobile Pro
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Avayler Mobile & Mobile Pro empower you to efficiently manage your mobile services automotive business

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